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Frequently asked questions

“Frequently asked questions to Diana Heide”


Are pets allowed at Diana Heide?

There are 2 pets allowed per pitch/accommodation.

From when to when does a weekly, weekend and midweek stay run?

A weekly stay runs from Friday to Friday or Monday to Monday
A weekend stay runs from Friday to Monday
A midweek stay runs from Monday to Friday

How do I stay up to date with the most current offers and last-minutes?

The website contains the most current offers

Is it possible to park the car near the pitch / accommodation?

At the camping sites, the car can be parked next to the camping equipment. At the chalets, there is a parking lot close by the chalets. The parking lot of the disabled chalet is next to the chalet.

We will come with two cars during our stay, is that possible?

One car is allowed on the pitch or in the accommodation. The 2nd car can be parked on the large parking lot at the reception or possibly on the other parking lots in the park.

Where can I find the ground plan of Diana Heide?

Find the map of Diana Heide on the ground plan page


Can I receive day visitors at the campsite?

You may receive day visitors

Can my guests stay at Diana Heide and what are the costs for staying?

Guests may stay in your accommodation, the costs are € 3.30 p.p.p.n.

Is there a cost for day visitors at Diana Heath?

There is no cost for day visitors


Is there a bed for a child in the accommodation?

You can rent a crib (if available) at the reception

Arrival & departure

Is it possible to use the park facilities before check-in or after check-out?

You may use the park facilities before checking in or after checking out.

Until what time can I check out?

You can check in until 9:30 pm, from 10 pm the barrier is closed until 7:30 am.

When can I check in?

For camping you can check in from 13.00 and for the chalets you can check in from 15.00.

Facilities & opening hours

As a staying guest, can I use the entertainment program for free?

The entertainment program is generally free with exceptions such as bingo

Can I also do my grocery shopping at the park during my stay?

There is a mini-market at the reception where you can do your necessary shopping. It is open during the reception's opening hours.

Is it also possible to use the facilities when I am not staying at the park?

You can use the gastronomy facilities if you are not staying at the park

Is there WiFi at the park?

There is WiFi throughout the park. This is free of charge. Get the WiFi code at the reception.

When are the gastronomy facilities of Diana Heide open?

The restaurant is open from April 1 to October 3. The current opening hours are on the website and on the windows of the restaurant and snack counter.
Opening hours

Where can I find the opening hours of the park's facilities?

You can find the opening hours on our website: opening hours


Reservation & payment

Can I cancel my vacation?

Cancellation within 24 hours is free of charge. After that the Recron conditions apply.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

You do not have to pay a deposit on Diana Heide

I have not yet received confirmation of my payment, did it go through correctly?

You will not receive a payment confirmation of your reservation

Will I receive confirmation of my cancellation?

If you cancel, we will send you a confirmation of this cancellation


Do you want to book for a period longer than 3 weeks? Contact in that case the camping itself directly by phone or email.
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